January 20 - February 20, 2012
Francois Boucher
France 1703-1770
Death of Meleager
Felix Buhot
France 1847-1898
L’Eventail: Vue de Valognes
Theodore Chasseriau
France 1819-1856
Two Women: one sitting and holding a child;
the other standing under a tree, 1839.
Jules Cheret
France 1836-1932
La Petite Taquine
Carlo Gripp
France 1830-?
Une Consultation
Charles Henri Guerard
France 1846-1897
L’Eventail: Coquelicots
Victor-Jean Nicolle
French, 1754–1826
Landscape with a Man and Ruins
Arthur Rackham
England 1867-1939
Sketch of a Lady looking down at a newspaper
Pierre Etienne Theodore Rousseau
France 1812-1867
La Plaine a Chailly
Adolphe-Léon Willette
France 1857-1926
Little Red Riding Hood